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Centrales is a Mexican multinational company which is focused on the manufacture and distribution of household appliances internationally. In Colombia, since the 1990s, Centrales has worked together with its allied brand Mabe, improving the welfare of Colombians.

Centrales Technical Service, Maintenance and Repair

At Serviplus Autorizado, we believe that hygiene and health are essential for Colombian families and therefore, we are committed to the renovation of appliances and the lives of our customers by offering services with professional guarantee and at a low cost.

We are specialists in:

Big Size Refrigerators Mabe-Centrales

Big Size Refrigerators

Refrigerators Centrales


Washers Mabe


Dryers Centrales


Towers Mabe


Air conditioning Mabe

Air Conditioning

Your appliance is safe with us

Serviplus Autorizado

Authorized Solution Center

At Serviplus Autorizado, you will find trained personnel with more than 15 years of experience in: Maintenance and Repair of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioning, water heaters, and also; design, manufacture, installation, and technical review of industrial refrigeration, cold rooms, chillers and much more for the sectors: domestic, industrial and commercial.
Técnico Serviplus Autorizado

Where We At?

Do not worry! We get everywhere! Técnico Serviplus has coverage throughout Bogotá, Cundinamarca and Medellín.

Usaquén, Chapinero, Santa Fe, San Cristóbal, Usme, Tunjuelito, Bosa, Kennedy, Fontibón, Engativá, Suba, Barrios Unidos, Teusaquillo, Los Mártires, Antonio Nariño, Puente Aranda, La Candelaria, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Ciudad Bolivar.


Soacha, Mosquera, Funza, Madrid, Chía, Cajicá, Cota, La Calera, Tenjo, Tabio, Sibaté, Zipaquirá y Facatativá.

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